Deep Coaching

We live in exciting times. We are being invited to live purposefully and align with what wants to live through us. But many of us are compromising our soul's desire and are hesitating; we hold ourselves back from diving into the experience of exploring our true Self. Deep down we question:

Am I ready to take this journey?

Do I have what it takes?

What is going to happen with me?

Am I going to lose myself?

We fear the unknowns of our journey. This is where Deep Coaching steps in.

I believe in the immense potential of the professional partnering between a conscious coach and someone ready to embody his or her deeper expression of authentic Self.

The Deep Transformational Coaching approach I work with is a unique and new paradigm of coaching developed by Leon VanderPol. While conventional coaching focuses more on mind-driven, 'figure it out' approach, on creating action plans to reach our goals, Deep Coaching facilitates shifts in being. It synthesizes coaching, healing, psychology, and spirituality.

Deep Coaching is an art with a simple underlying principle. By shifting your attention to what is emanating from deep within you, you radically change how you see and experience yourself and the world around you. Through Deep Coaching you come into the fullness of your Self: to know Who You Are, your purpose and place in this world.

How Deep Coaching helps transform your life?

At the center of your being you have the answer;
you know who you are and you know what you want.

/Lao Tzu/



Start your inner journey by getting in touch with the insights of your soul. Learn how to access and genuinely listen to your inner wisdom. Embrace your soul’s guidance and make the first steps on your true path.



Shine a light on your core wounds and subconscious blocks that hold you back from experiencing life to the fullest. Learn how to let go of your inner gravity – all that weighs you down and free yourself from your past.



Become aware of the core vibes of your soul and expand the capacity to be with your Self-energy. Learn how to source the vibration of joy, inner peace, ease, and love from within and sustain it in your everyday life.



Discover and cultivate your unique gifts and genius. Find out who is in need of what you have to offer and create the necessary momentum for you to start doing the great work you feel called to do in the world.

What you'll experience...

As we drop into the coaching session, time slows down, and the space opens. A safe, supportive, harmonious, and respectful coaching space for your personal discovery, where you can freely explore your inner world.

I will facilitate the optimal conditions for your transformation. I commit to being present with you and deeply listening to you. My work is to help you see yourself clearly - your truest self. I will hold your highest vision of yourself.

I will be open, truthful, and authentic in our communication. I will challenge you fearlessly and lovingly to step into greater alignment with your Truth.

You are the key and the director of your unique growth process. It's up to you how you will use the space we co-create, and it's also up to you to get in touch with your SoulHome, your innate sense of knowing.

Once you're ready, the Deep Coaching space allows you to remove the constructed masks, peel away old patterns and beliefs that block you from stepping into your fullest potential. We will be honoring your wounds and shine a light on where you're resisting your life.

We will dive below the surface. We learn to embrace silence to access your intuition and allow a deeper level of your self-awareness to unfold. Our sessions together will go deep, to the depth of your being where you connect with your essence and wisdom.

At the same time, your path opens up more and more with ease, and your connection with the highest level of your being liberates your potential. Ultimately you will inhabit all that you service of your own potential and the world at large!

How it works


If you would like to know more about Deep Caching and how it will work for you, go ahead, send an email with your questions or book a free conversation with me. I'm offering my services in English, German and Hungarian. Use the contact form or my e-mail address:


Given the nature of deep inner change, I recommend working with me for a minimum of 3 months, but 6 or more is most effective. This is an investment in yourself, and so you must be ready to invest your energy, your heart, and your time.


It includes an online video or audio session of 60-75 min


100 €


Weekly coaching for min.
3 month


380 €/month


2 coaching sessions/months for min. 4 months


190 €/month


8 sessions to be used anytime within 6 month


750 €

*The coaching packages can be paid in 2 or 3 installments
*The price includes all applicable taxes and transfer fees.
* I'm so confident in the Deep Coaching Approach that I offer an unbeatable money back guarantee. If you book one of the coaching packages and you don't like our first session together, you can simply request a refund. No questions asked. I'll cover the costs of that first session.


You get a follow-up email with our coaching agreement, instructions, terms & conditions, and a form for designing our coaching relationship. I will let you know about my available time slots, so you can book your session time.


Your session takes place in my private Zoom meeting room (the link is emailed to you) or via Skype. The session length is 60-75 minutes.


I coach you for the full duration of our time together, not just during our sessions. We can maintain to the degree that it supports you, an on-going dialogue and connection between sessions. Emailing is encouraged between sessions. Feel free to make use of it in any way that supports your progress and our coaching. You may have questions or wish to share an experience.

Your questions answered

My sessions are highly spontaneous and intuitive. They are held in person, over the video, or via Skype and are between 60-75 minutes in length.
Deep Coaching focuses on awakening you further to the truth of who you are and what you are being asked to do with your life.
Session time is dedicated to exploring issues of meaning to you. Within the safe space co-created together, greater presence, awareness, and connection illuminates what needs to be released in order to embody deep truth and true power. Inspired action – when discovered – is clarified and supported into full expression.

Yes, I do! You can request a full refund if you cancel your appointment with more than 24-hour notice.

I’m so confident in the Deep Coaching Approach that I offer an unbeatable money back guarantee. If you book one of the coaching packages and you don’t like our first session together, you can simply request a refund. No questions asked. I’ll cover the costs of that first session.

If you have to cancel an appointment, I ask that you honor my time commitments and other fellow clients, by canceling no less than 24 hours before the session. Once you cancel, you can reschedule the session at your earliest convenience.

Yes, absolutely. Trust is essential and what we discuss in our sessions stays between the two of us.

Yes, there is. When you purchase a session with me, you have 6 months from the time of purchase to book the appointment at your earliest convenience.

Yes! If you miss the refund window or change your mind about coaching with me, you can pass along your unused session to a friend who may be interested in working with me. However, please note that any transfers should only occur if the person agrees to coach with me beforehand.

Yes! Absolutely! But remember that the person must consent and have a deep desire to work with me. So, I recommend discussing this with them before you purchase.

Giving back

I deeply believe in the SoulHome approach to change lives for the better. My mission is to empower and support people on their transformational journey by evolving into their happiest, most loving and authentic self - even if they cannot afford my services.
My business operates under a Pay-It-Forward system: those who can afford my services help pay for those who cannot.

A percentage of each purchase goes towards free events and free workshop or online circle participation.

It all starts with you. When you invest in your future through coaching or training, you indirectly become a coach and a teacher for others around the world.

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