For some of us, there comes a time in our life, when the drive to change is greater than the drive to stay the same. We feel the yearning for stepping into a higher version of ourselves and sense a kind of restlessness in our soul. This is when our transformational journey begins! But what is this journey all about?

Everything changes and nothing stands still, so the ancient philosophers and mystics tell us. So are we. Throughout our life, we are constantly changing, growing, and maturing. We’re not the same who we were when we were a child, a teenager, or not even the same who we were yesterday. We change jobs, we change partners, we change roles from one to another. 

When you consider making a change in your life, here’s what might be below the surface: the early signs of a deeper transformation. Maybe not for everyone, but for many. Whether you let your life unfold and allow your own transformation to take place is another story.

In my understanding, there is a difference between the “normal course of change” and “transformation,” although they are often used interchangeably. Transformation may encompass change, but it’s bigger and scarier than that. 

It is the hero’s epic journey – the deep inner journey into yourself.

What transforms inside you?

The answer is simply this: your self-concept. The mental image of who you are.

How you see yourself? 

How you think about yourself? 

How you feel about yourself? 

How you perceive the world?

We all have self-impressions that have built up over time and constructed the image we have of our self today. They can be positive, giving you confidence in your thoughts or actions, or negative, making you doubtful about your capabilities and ideas. 

Our constructed self-concept is NOT our true self, but more a highly limited rendering of who we are in essence. It is the extension of our ego – our sense of separate self, which is born out of fear and isolation.

Through our ego consciousness, we believe that “I’m here and another person is there. I have a body and a personality that is distinctly different from others.”  

When we see ourselves through the eyes of our ego, we identify ourselves with our gender, nationality, religion, profession, accomplishments, possessions, family roles, and social status. We develop opinions, values, attitudes, labels, and layer upon layer beliefs. 

When you believe you’re your ego, you’ll do anything to keep that illusion alive.

But if our illusory self is not our true self, who are we beneath our costumes in the naked reality? Who are we at our core?

We’re pure consciousness – an evolving yet unlimited soul.

Our ego is not the enemy, and we don’t need to get rid of it. It is an essential gift of life. It helps us experience ourselves as an individual in this world and helps us play out certain roles in certain situations. 

As we transform, we’re gradually awakening from the illusion of the ego and learn to perceive the elements that define our self-concept through a lens cleared. We may meet transformation with acceptance and grace, or with protest and resistance. 

It’s up to your willingness to shine the light of awareness upon your inner world. 

As we let go of our ego mask, we become aware of who we’re in our innermost essence and encounter our SoulHome – the unchanging part within us. 

Your SoulHome is the real source of all energy, joy, and peace. 

This is the place that holds the bigger picture of who you’re.

Once you tap into the presence of your SoulHome, everything opens 

and from that openness, you’ll grow into whom you genuinely desire to be.

Source: Leon Vanderpol: A Shift in Being. 

Photo source: Susanne Senekowitsch