Do you know the feeling of arriving somewhere, where you have never been before and simply feeling at home? A place that is as much part of you as you are part of it? Where the outer world syncs up with your inner world that has been waiting to be met? Like something clicks and a piece falls into place. That place I call your


I was born and raised in Hungary, but even from half way around the world I felt passionate about the Brazilian nature and wildlife. As a child, I loved to watch documentaries about the Amazonas and pictured myself growing up and working as a biologist with marmosets in a tropical forest. With time my childhood vision faded away and decades later I became an anthropologist studying and researching about indigenous belief systems and traditional medicine in cultures around the world. During my study years in Vienna, I fell deeply in love with a Brazilian man. When I was about to embark on my first field research his family offered to host me in Brazil. Seemingly random events led me to this destination that was subtly calling me for almost all my life. Finally, I was there in Brazil. I collected material about the life of healers and their ritual praxis.



SoulHome I WILL ALSO FIND MY True Self ,

MY INNER SoulHome.

From my first visit on, I was met with a sense of familiarity, a unique feeling of belonging, but I didn't realize my homecoming until a certain moment. I remember walking along the streets of São Paulo after visiting a Spiritist healing center. I just experienced one of the most moving healing ceremonies of my field research. So much compassion and soulfulness. Edson, a remarkable medium with a handful of helpers was at service of hundreds of people in despair and pain in that afternoon. I felt humbled and touched by what I saw - tireless instruments of spirituality.

After the ritual, I was heading to the train station and noticed I can't stop smiling, my body felt weightless and my heart cracked so wide open from the indescribable joy, I could embrace the whole world. Strangers just smiled back at me and from one moment to the other it felt like my soul took off and I was up in the skies flying. I was free like a magnificent bird who tapped into the infinite source of love. When I "looked down" to myself, I realized I have never in my entire life felt such boundless happiness, such gratitude for my existence and for my time in Brazil. What a gift of life!




It all happened...

... more than a decade ago, but to get in tune with who I truly am in my essence is one of my most vivid memories I have. Brazil helped me to recognize a deeper truth about myself that transcends logic and explanation.

I cannot explain my instantaneous connection to some people there that feels like home. I call them my soul family, because our love for each other is simple limitless. It did not have to be born, nor deepened, it has not needed to be nurtured over time, it does not even need closeness. It is just there and will always be.

I cannot explain my facility with its language. I learned Portuguese in a few months and even if I am not using it for years, I do not forget it.

I cannot explain the flow I experienced in my research, how easily doors opened, how people showed up, how situations unfolded. I felt guided like a marionette of some higher power.

I cannot explain why my soul expands when I am in touch with Brazil's nature. I sense a kind of timelessness in its vibrant green forests and pristine white sand beaches. Trees, plants and wildlife are communicating with one another, as they have been for millennia.

I cannot explain the longing for this corner of the earth and for my people when I am not there.

I cannot explain why I am the most authentic expression of myself in Brazil. I am the bold open hearted adventurer, the curious explorer, the free spirit I am meant to be.

To be honest, ...

... back than I did not understand what was happening to me, it just felt as I have arrived home, but the experience itself made such a strong imprint on my soul that I wanted to feel it again and I also wanted to learn how to come back to this connectedness I felt throughout my time in Brazil.
After coming back to Europe, I was knocked out many times from alignment and the connection with my inner SoulHome went on and off, but every time I came back with more clarity and I have learned a lot along the way.
My biggest teaching master has been my life itself: my relationships, my break ups, my marriage, my two children, my miscarriage, my parents, my brother, my friends, my jobs, my business and my health challenges...everything I experienced along my path.

Today I know that to show up in this world as my most authentic self is
a bold choice,
the letting go of who I am not,
the commitment to become a source of inspiration and
the trust to allow my life to unfold.

You don't need to travel to an exotic place to find your inner SoulHome. The circumstances of your encounter might be entirely different. It could happen by drinking a cup of tea and quieting your mind, by running in a forest, by being in a state of creative flow or by dancing all night long.
To get in tune with our SoulHome, with who we truly are is unique to all of us.



IMMENSE Happiness, Inspiration,

Effortlessness, Freedom, Gratitude

OR YOU SIMPLY feel amazing...

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