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Enrollment for my Deep Transformational Online Program opens twice a year. The next enrollment window will open in October 2019.


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What is SoulHome Circle?

SoulHome circle is a personal transformational journey that condenses the wisdom of Brazilian healers and my experiences in anthropology, consciousness studies and Deep Coaching for you to step into a much higher version of who you are and align with your authentic Self. Through a whole new level of self-discovery, you will re-connect to your SoulHome, heal from the past, and become a conscious co-creator of your magnificent life.


The SoulHome approach brings together the insights, techniques, and wisdom that I have learned so far throughout my own transformational journey, including my unique system of 8 keys that unlock my SoulHome. They will help you to create your very own set of keys that unlock the connection with your SoulHome so that you can be the most fulfilled version of yourself and serve the world. The SoulHome approach is not a quick fix. It honors the organic nature of transformation but it will accelerate your own journey.

The SoulHome Circle is designed to be experiential and profoundly transformative in nature, and therefore, I prefer to work with a small group of people. Only about a dozen of participants can join it each time.

Who facilitates it?

I'm Gabriella Csanádi.

I spent a decade working in the academic world and in the field of EU cooperation programs before becoming a deep coach and a teacher. Today I know, I have this one mission. I want to empower and support people on their transformational journey by evolving into their happiest, most loving, and authentic Self.

I have been on a conscious self-development path for over 25 years. I have studied ethnic religions, dived into the world of Brazilian healers, explored spiritual philosophies, and went through soul-shaking experiences. I have soaked up many principles, practices, and anything else that helped me get aligned with who I truly am.

Now it's your turn!


What are the benefits?



Meet your subconscious fears and be free from your core wounds and blocks in your life. Unlock your innate wisdom, take your intuition to the next level, and activate your unrealized potential.



Become the person you wish to be and awaken to the truth what you are being asked to do with your life. Your personal transformation has the power to make a tremendous imprint on the world.



Learn the ability to do something that frightens you. Make the riskier choice and do that which is less comfortable to experience the energy, embodiment, and aliveness of growth and expansion.



Experience your homecoming and re-connect to your soul. Know yourself and all others as love. Radiate love, experience deep, intimate, heart-centered connections and create prosperity from your heart.

How it works

For 10 weeks, we will meet on the SoulHome online platform for our weekly sessions. The group coaching environment is a safe container where you can crack open to your innate wisdom in such a powerful way. The SoulHome Circle is designed to be a personalized deep transformational journey, spontaneous, experiential, and highly structured.

In between the weekly sessions, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your experience by supplemental practices, resources, and exercises.

SoulHome Circle has a strong community peer component. You can connect to your fellow SoulHome seekers via our private Facebook Group and share stories or ask questions.

SoulHome Circle is organized into 3 modules, which serve us as a roadmap on our transformational journey:

Module 1 – Honor your path

In Module 1, we'll start with our deep dive, laying an essential foundation for the future modules. I'll open up and get vulnerable with you as I share my personal story and transformational journey. You'll see, in my story, you'll recognize your own.

In this module, we'll foster the ability to tap into our SoulHome by Holding Space for each other. We'll learn to listen from soul to soul. A held space for transformative growth is designed to enable shifts in consciousness.

Then we'll explore the SoulHome state you're yearning for and connect to your highest future potential emerging from within.

Module 2 – Transcend your fear

Fear is keeping us in old patterns and blocking us from aligning with our SoulHome and our highest calling.
In Module 2, we'll bring to the surface what is weighing us down - our fears, limiting beliefs, and subconscious patterns. We'll discover what is authentically ours and not merely the influence of others.

We'll learn how to heal the fear that holds us back. How to let go of all that which does not reflect our True Self at the core of our being.

Module 3 – Unlock your SoulHome

In Module 3, we'll tap into the greatest source of power, joy, and peace and design our individual SoulHome - the homecoming of our own understanding.

I'll share with you my unique system of 8 keys that unlock my SoulHome. They will help you to create your very own set of keys that unlock the connection with your SoulHome.

Then we'll explore how to partner with life and living from our SoulHome.

Who is this for?

It doesn't matter where you're on your journey, you'll go deeper. The SoulHome Circle is for you if ...


You're asking yourself the big questions: Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What is my purpose, and how can I live it? How can I be my most authentic Self? What does the world need that my talents can serve?


You're frustrated about repeating the same cycles of unhappiness, bad relationships, unsatisfying jobs, poor health, financial struggles and you're ready to get to the bottom of all your issues - your own blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs.


You know life has more meaning and purpose that you can currently access. You're longing for inner peace, for clarity, for deep knowing and for arriving in the right place.


In the end, you're the key, and only YOU can truly transform your life. I feel a deep responsibility to support every step of your transformational journey, but I can't take responsibility for you. You have to be willing to take that step.


You're willing to do the deep dive. The SoulHome Approach is not a quick fix. I'm 100% committed to supporting you aligning with your True Self and to help you create a fulfilling life from the inside out. But just my full commitment isn't enough. You have to match it with yours. Only then can miracles unfold.

What's the investment?

The investment for SoulHome Circle is € 798.

*Payment Plan: I've also added a monthly payment option if you prefer which consist of 3 monthly payments of € 266.
*Refunding: You may withdraw from your registration at any time before the beginning of the second session and receive a refund minus 20% of the full investment amount.
You're responsible for your full payment if you do not withdraw before the beginning of the second session.

My business operates under a Pay-It-Forward system: those who can afford my services help pay for those who cannot. A percentage of each purchase goes towards free events and free SoulHome workshop or circle participation.

It all starts with you. When you invest in your future through coaching or training, you indirectly become a coach and a teacher for others around the world.