Are you struggling with your well-being, trying to find your way through the crowded landscape of information and misinformation? Do you feel sometimes disoriented whose guidance you should follow, and what wellness practices are right for you?

I’ve been there, and to be honest, it’s not easy to find clarity. I’ve been living in five countries, and my insatiable curiosity about health and well-being led me through adventurous experiences. It took me quite some time to make sense out of all this and to make the right choices for myself.

Hungary taught me the love of nature, where my grandma would treat my ingrowing nail and burn wounds with calendula; Greece opened my mind for ancient healing practices, like Asclepius’ temple sleep. Austria introduced me to the new age wellness movement, helped me to understand the impact of my emotions on my physical health and the healing power of my mind. This is also the country where I have studied anthropology for over ten years, and I have learned and researched traditional, indigenous medicine in cultures around the world. I have learned about Nepalese shamanic healing rituals, Yoruba medicine, Aboriginal bush medicine, and much more. During the study years in Vienna, my research led me to a destination that simply blew my mind. It’s the country where I took a deep dive into the understanding of healing – Brazil. I was part of incredible healing rituals, and I learned from remarkable healers about the spiritual aspect of curing and well-being. 

In the past five years, I have been living in Denmark and became a mom. The experience of having children raised my awareness even more about healthy & sustainable lifestyle and inspired me to gradually grow into a passionate wellness warrior who lives wellness daily.

Where does my interest come from? 

I was a teenager when my dad was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis, the narrowing of arteries. It’s a genetic disease affecting almost everyone on my paternal family line. Operations were needed nearly every year, and my father trusted blindly that his doctors would help him. They did what they could, but my father needed an amputation of his right leg at the age of 52. I always felt it could have turned out differently. I wish I could have prevented it somehow, by helping him changing his lifestyle, eating healthier, not smoking, by inspiring him to take actions, but whenever my mom, my brother or me tried to come up with alternative treatments, like reflexology, footbath with nettle or whatever, he would resist. I felt disappointed and helpless. Now he is 66 and every day he takes the pills needed. I learned to accept it, and I learned to understand his way of seeing the world. After some years of despair and frustration, he found meaning in life, and today I’m truly proud of him. He is a wonderful grandpa, enjoying his life with limitations and finding joy in whatever life offers him.  

What I learned along the way is very simple….

You cannot change or fix anyone. You can only change yourself. You alone are the author of your health history, and the responsibility lies firmly in your hands.

Is that scary? 

Does it make you feel left alone? 

Wouldn’t it be easier if someone tells you what to do?

A doctor, a nutritional therapist, a wellness coach or a spiritual healer can offer their best guidance that they think will serve you best, but you will interpret the information and express it in the course of action that is unique to you. Ultimately, there is only your way to be well! Your journey to wellness is going to be essentially different and fit your own unique nature.

Our bodies are dynamic and changing all the time. There are times when we feel in alignment with our physical well-being, we’re filled with energy, driven to action, and feeling balanced. Often this is not the case, and challenges are popping up that might affect our healthy state, be it physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, professionally, or spiritually. 

I know what it feels like to go against my mind, body, and spirit. I’ve experienced the anxiety, the mood swings, the impatience, the colds, the irritated digestion, the gynecological problems, the acne, and the disharmony from NOT listening to what my being needed.

I never perceived challenges with my health and well-being as necessarily something bad, but an opportunity for transformation and growth. They have been my personal teaching masters. They told me to hold on, reflect on my life, find the real roots of my problem, and make the change that resonates with me. My challenges have been my individual roadmap to wellness.  

We are all unique, and we have different needs. I believe the wisdom about your well-being lies already within you. Trust your inner wisdom and select the wellness approaches, practices, and tools that deeply resonate with you. Take a decisive action by focusing on one single practice at the time, and when you integrated it as a habit into your routine, go to the next one. Don’t try to do everything at the same time and create a massive lifestyle change, because that is usually not happening from one day to another. Do it in mini steps and don’t be hard on yourself. Believe me, even if you integrate only one of them into your every day, it will have an impact on your well-being and your whole life.

Author: Gabriella Csanádi

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